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Keep Track of changes made to the WKHR.org Web site here:

Date Change
July 14,  2004 Working on new design and making several technical changes to the backend.
ETA < 1 month
Nov 21, 2003 Transferred Web Page Duties to Chris Kofron
Nov 18, 2003 Modified Selected Staff Bios Information
Mar 6, 2003 Added Cruise Contest
Feb 25, 2003 Added Charlie Gray Profile
Dec 23, 2002 Major updates to schedule and entire web page
June 17, 2002 Update Schedule for Summer 2002
Mar 7, 2002 Added Terri Pontremoli Interview
Mar 5, 2002 Added Maria Schneider Interview
Feb. 19, 2001 Added Ed Michaels Interview
Jan 28, 2002 Added new entry to History page
Dec 2 Added Marty Ashby Interview
Nov 19 Added Buddy Greco Interview
October 29 Added Allan Harris Interview
October 15 Added Conte Candoli Interview
October 2 Updated User Feedback Form
Updated front index page to look better
September 22 Added Paul Ferguson Interview
September 20 Added links for relief efforts
September 13 Added Jack Schantz Intervew
September 10 Added Northeast Ohio Jazz Society to Concerts Web Links
August 9 Added Tierney Sutton Interview
July 9 Added WKHR 2001 Picnic Pictures
July 4 Added Terry Gibbs Interview
June 29 Added a new Bill Weisinger Article
June 6 Added a new Bill Weisinger Article
June 1 Added Gordon Goodwin Interview
Added Bill Weisinger Article
May 23 Added Plain Dealer Article by Tom Feran
April 8 Added Terri Pontremoli Interview
April 7 Added Cleveland Free Times article on Dominick Farinacci
April 1 Update email address for Bob Keeney and John Hayden
Mar 29 Added Shirley Cook Interview
Mar 26 Update Front of Web page for Tri-C Jazz Festival
Mar 22 Updated Index Page to include Hitometer Counter
Mar 17 New WKHR Web Page Format Added
Mar 12 Added Ernie Krivda Interview
Feb 23 Updated Winter Schedule
Cruise Giveaway Information Added
Feb 15 Added Toots Thielemans Interview
Feb 6 Added Lev Polyakin Interview
Jan 29 Added Link to Lakeland Community College Web Page
Added Link for Louis Armstrong Cential Page
Added Ron McCroby Interview
Jan 23 Added Cleveland Swings Web Link
Jan 14 2001 Added John Pizzarelli and Freddy Cole Interviews
Dec 22 Added Pictures Page for Xmas 2000 Party
Dec 20 Officially Moved WKHR Web Page to Total Hosting
Dec 10 Added Allan Harris Interview
Dec 8 Updated Schedule for Winter
Dec 1 Added Holiday Front Page
Nov 30 Added More WKHR Fund Raiser Pictures
Nov 18 Added Buddy Greco and Lezlie Anders Telephone Interview
Nov 14 Updated WKHR History Page
Nov 7 Added Fund Raiser Pictures
Added Bill Lichtenauer Interview
Updated Concert Page
Nov 3 Updated Night Town Schedule
Oct 23 Updated Night Town Schedule
Oct 22 Added Listener Info Page
Oct 21 Deleted Rachel Z Interview - Added Johnny Frigo Interview
Oct 19 Added New Interface for Interviews
Oct 16 Added Marlene and Billy VerPlanck Interview
Oct 10 Updated Web Links
Oct 2 Added Lakeland Civic Band Concert
Oct 1 Updated Jimmy Morgan Bio Information
Sept 27 Added Rachel Z Interview
Sept 18 Added Maynard Ferguson Interview
Sept 14 Added Jack Schantz Interview
Sept 13 Update Night Town Schedule
Added Interviews Link
Sept 11 Updated Fall 2000 Broadcast Schedule
Sept 7 Added new Web Links
Sept 1 Update Bob Keeney Email Address
Aug 29 Update Bob Keeney Email Address
Aug 28 Updated Night Town Schedule
Aug 25 Added new Concert Links
Aug 21 Added Survey Information
Updated Night Town Concert Schedule
Aug 11 Added Web Link
Aug 10 Added Concert Schedules Page
Added Web Link
Aug 9 Modified Summer Schedule
Aug 2 Added More Survey Information
July 31 Removed Underwriters Main Page Promotion
July 28 Officially Announced WKHR Web page.
Added Counter to Main Page
July 27 Added Underwriters Main Page Promotion
July 26 Added Web Link
Update Survey Information
July 25 Added info to Underwriting Pricing
July 23 Changed and Enhanced Menu System
July 21 Added More Survey Information
July 20 Added More Survey Information
July 18 Added More Survey Information
July 17 Added More Survey Information
July 16 Added More Survey Information
July 14 Added 'DUMMY' Individual Donations Form

(NOTE: This is NOT the final form - DO NOT USE)

Added donations link to Main window
Added a HOME link to TOC page
July 13 Added new WKHR Pictures Page
Added new links on Web Links Page
July 12 Reorganized Web Links Page
Fixed some errors and enhanced Survey Info
Changed Summer 2000 Schedule
July 11 Added more survey info
July 8 Added and updated WKHR History
Added More Survey Info
July 7 Added More Survey Info
Began History and Donations Pages
July 5 Added New Survey Information
July 4 Added Survey Information
Added New Cleveland Web Links
July 3 Added Web Link for Cleveland Search.Com Page
July 2 Added New Web Links
Added Survey Information
June 30 Slight Changes to wording on various pages
June 29 Enhanced Underwriting Page
Visual Changes to more pleasing colors
June 28 Began Underwriting Page
Update Table of Contents and Web links Page
June 27 Added more web links
Began Page for DJ Survey Info
June 26 Added more graphics
Added beginings of web links
Added Link to Kenston High School WKHR Page
June 25 Page begins beta testing

Email me if you have any questions: Jerry Jelinek

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