Thank you for listening! The facility that houses FM 91-FIVE is having issues with a planned maintenance project.

No one at the station was affected, but as a safety issue, we have halted live broadcasts until the project is complete. I have no completion date at this time.

So, enjoy the announcer-less programming until it's OK for us to return to normal.

Thank You!

Chris Kofron
General Manager WKHR
Cleveland's FM 91-FIVE

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George Stark
First year at WKHR: 2000
Born and Raised: Port au Prince, Haiti
Broadcast Experience: Six years television production/programming at WCHS-TV (CBS affiliate), Charleston, W. VA.
Favorites: Jazz… Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Les Brown, Henry Mancini, Buddy Rich.
Occupations: Retired Marketing Communications Manager.
Musical Talents: Drummer (jazz).
My Story: Born in Haiti. Dad was a career Marine. Transferred to the US when I was 5. Lived in Arlington, Virginia. Transferred to Naval Ordinance Plant in South Charleston, W.Va. (1935). Worked for DuPont in 1938. Transferred to new DuPont Ordinance Plant in Morgantown, W.Va. in 1940. Attended Jr. High and High School in Morgantown. Graduated High School in 1946. Joined Marines 1946-48. Attended West Virginia university ‘48 to ‘54. Graduated in ’54 with Bachelor or Arts Degree. Upon graduation, went to Charleston, W.Va. to work at WCHS/TV. Started in studio crew, became a director the next year. Became assistant program manager 1959. Program Manager 1960-61. Left to work for Union Carbide at their Technical Center in South Charleston W.Va. Edited company paper. Also worked with Technical Recruiting Dept. Left in 1963 to work for DuPont – Crummet and Williamson Advertising Agency. Moved to Cleveland in 1966 to work for Penn and Hameker Advertising Agency in Shaker Heights. Left in 1977 to work for Communcators Inc. Joined WKHR as a volunteer in 2000.

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